Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage

Indian head Massage is a type of holistic treatment which traditionally was  practiced by women in India. It was restricted to the head and  hair. However, over the years it has been extended to include the neck,  shoulder and upper arms.

Indian Head Massage is safe and simple yet effective therapy that not only  promotes hair growth but also provides relief from aches and pains.

A non invasive natural therapy that is renowned for relieving the  symptoms of tension, stress and mild anxiety associated with everyday  modern living.

How Does It Work

Head Massage has far reaching effects on every one of body’s systems. It  supports the nervous systems by alleviating stress. By stimulating the  lymphatic system, it helps with the process of elimination of toxins and impurities from the body thus encouraging the body to cleanse itself.  The circulatory and immune system is stimulated and the respiratory  system is reinforced as deep breathing is encouraged.

The shoulder area acts as a buffer between the mind and the body, with  attitudes to responsibilities, fear and suppressed feeling all being  reflected in this area. In addition, muscles in the body tighten due to  emotional and physical stress. The tight muscles impede the free  movement of the neck and shoulders thus causing pain and discomfort.  Indian Head Massage helps release tension and stress by using a variety  of stimulation and tension releasing techniques.

Indian Head Massage and Stress

In modern society, we tend to speed through life as though there is no  tomorrow, some people find it increasingly more difficult to cope with  the stress of day-to-day living.  People who in the past felt they had a job for life are now finding that due to redundancy, ill health they  now have to change careers.

Society today and especially employers emphasize youthfulness and agility in  the work place over experience and maturity. Making the modern day work  place, a cutthroat place with an emphasis on an economic outlook rather  than experienced and dedicated staff.

As people feel more and more pressurized at work, at home with their  partner and children etc.. so their stress level increases thus leaving  their body to slip in to a state of imbalance which stops the body from  healing itself as it should do in order to keep body and mind working  efficiently.

The transition from the state of imbalance to a state of balanced state  requires a gentle and harmless process, which can be provided by a  course of Indian Head Massage.

The Benefits of touch and a sense of well being

The sense of touch is very important to us, as we use it instinctively to  calm and alleviate it hurts in others from soothing a crying infant to  comforting a friend who has suffered physical or emotional pain.

Indian Head Massage is an extension of these natural gestures Healing by touch is as old as humanity itself and pressure or or massage has  historically been used as a restorative to health and strength. There  are many touch or massages therapies but they all are base on the common principle that for good health. The body’s independent process needs to be kept in a state of correct balance and flow, when the flow is  impeded a state of stagnation occurs and a particular area of body  becomes increasingly out of balance.

Indian Head Massage is a natural therapy that induces a deeply relaxed state,  which alleviates tension, mild anxiety associated with modern day living It therefore relieves naturally many minor medical conditions over a  period of time to achieve positive and lasting health benefits.

Our therapist Louise is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapist and  is a lecturer in a local college.