Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that can  help you (but only with your consent) to develop and expand your ideas  about yourself,  life and your future.

It can help you to become more  positive, confident and more optimistic. It can help you to realise your capabilities and true potential. It can also help you to improve your  life.

As a natural therapy,  hypnotherapy can be used successfully to treat conditions such as  anxiety, stress, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome.

Hypnotherapy is also used in the  treatment of many other conditions including fears and phobias, low  esteem, weight problems, smoking cessation and alcohol reduction.

We are only too aware of the problems of stress in  our modern life. Hypnotherapy is very effective and can  be used to relieve any type of stress.

If you feel that hypnotherapy may be able to help you please ring to make a convenient appointment.

Full confidentiality is observed.  Each session lasts approximately an hour.

The number of sessions required can vary from between three to six sessions depending on the type and depth of problem.