• Hypnotherapy and Mnemodynamic therapy

  • Hypnotherapy is a treatment where Hynosis is used. 

    Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which clients allow themselves to enter, it does not involve becoming unconscious and is nothing to do with sleep.  A person can not enter this state against their will.  In the Clinical setting Hypnosis goes with a very pleasant state of physical relaxation which is beneficial in itself.  In this state the client is open to positive suggestions.


    Mnemodynamic Therapy is a technique which is used to access the Inner Child. 

    That is a person can go back to a time of difficulty which has a lasting effect on their mind.  Sometimes even without them realising it was significant at the time.  The situation is re-assessed and the harmful effects are removed or subdued.

    Mnemodynamic Therapy is a highly specialised therapy and therefore  can only be done by a highly qualified therapist.

    Our hypnotherapist \ Mnemodynamic Therapist is Judith Sharpe who is Judith Sharpe and is a Qualified General Nurse who has over 17 years experience

    Judith Sharpe RGN, PGDHP, NGHP reg.